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Slept poorly last night. Woke up a few minutes ago sweaty and disoriented.

It figures. My son (the 18 month old) woke up crying last night as I was heading to bed. I ended up spending over an hour up with him before putting him back to bed.

I think sometimes most people would be better off without me. It seems most of the time I end up making things worse, not better. I don't mean everyone, I mean specifically online friends. I do think the boys need me and benefit from me, and I do ok sometimes in real life, but I dunno.

I either have a hell of a sense of timing or I trigger peoples' depression.

I meet someone who may be having a rough time in life, but is doing ok overall, and become friends with them. A few weeks pass. They crash, and crash hard. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I'm beginning to think it's not just a coincidence any more. I'm not talking once. I'm not talking twice, or even three times. Maybe a dozen? 20? More? This seems to be standard operating procedure for the vast majority of people I actually become friends with online.


In other news, I shouldn't even try to read perl before I've woken up, let alone write any.

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