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Post-debate wrap-up

So, I saw the debate. I enjoyed it, although I don't think Kerry did as well as he had the potential to. Bush looked obviously much more comfortable and in control than the first debate - not hard, admittedly, but still, he was much improved. Kerry, meanwhile, was more aggressive but also didn't do as good a job at really presenting himself overall, so basically broke even in my opinion. I do think that Kerry "won" it, but it wasn't by much. We'll see what the voting public think later, I guess.

One thing that I hope people noticed, though, was the final question. One person asked Bush to name 3 of his mistakes. He couldn't. The only mistake he pointed out, actually, was his choice of appointments. To paraphrase the point Sam Rosenfeld made in Tapped earlier tonight, the only mistake he admitted to was choosing people who made mistakes. In other words, he doesn't believe any of his actual actions or decisions were mistakes, just his choice of people to delegate to. That's it. No mistakes, no accountability, and you start to wonder - is it an unwillingness to admit, or an inability to see them? Either way, that's a real problem.

I thought Kerry did fairly well overall, but there was one that stood out in my mind - the question about the Supreme Court appointees. Kerry beat Bush very soundly on that one. They each won a few others, Kerry more than Bush, and even then the biggest reason I felt Bush almost tied Kerry was because people expected him to do so poorly. The fact that he was able to finish out the debate was almost a step up from expectations, and he did considerably better this week than last, comes very close to putting a mark in the W column. I don't think it should be, but it may end up presenting that way to the masses. Ah well.

Anyways - exciting times! I think the final debate will be good. And now - I'm done, going to go pass out. G'nite all.

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