ntang (ntang) wrote,

We're back, baby!

Eh, took long enough, but it looks like Bush's bounce is subsiding. Kerry is catching up in the polls after several brutal weeks, and while there's still a long ways to go, if he can keep moving forward we've still got a good shot at this.

For the latest, as always, go here:

The first Presidential debate is on the 30th of September, and I'm very curious to hear how he does. I'm worried about it, frankly, as Kerry is just not that good at connecting to people and presenting a short, concise, compelling argument. He's great when you need someone to actually get down to the details, and obviously I wouldn't trust Bush for that, but Kerry's at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to duelling sound-bites. The only positive thing, really, is that he may have a chance to reach a few extra voters and maybe if Bush says enough stupid, contradictory things, the fact that he sounds jovial and friendly while he's sounding like an idiot won't matter enough.

(And really - does it matter if he seems like the kind of guy you'd want to have a beer with? You'll never get that beer, not unless you sign a loyalty oath first, and even if you did, do you really want your drinking buddy running the most powerful country on the face of the Earth? "Being fun under the influence" is not a quality I look for in a President, nor in a Commander in Chief. Give me a break. He needs to lead the country, to make the right decisions, to be able to understand the situations he's put in. I believe Kerry can do that, and I feel confident that Bush can't. For me, it's as simple as that, and even moreso than any specific policy details or anything else, I just trust that Bush will do the wrong thing, as he has for 4 years, and I trust that Kerry will probably do the right thing, which by default is a lot better than Bush. Mostly-right is better than almost-always-wrong, in my book.)

Perhaps even more interesting, in some ways, is the other debate - the one between Cheney and Edwards. They'll be debating on October 5th, and I can't think of two more polar opposites in terms of personal style. Cheney is older, more dignified, grumpy, and likes to scowl and make babies and small animals cry. Edwards is young, handsome, and charismatic, but lacks a certain weight, a presence, and will have to work harder to get people to take him seriously. It's going to be grumpy old man vs. young goofy upstart and I really have no idea how it'll turn out. It should be somewhat amusing, either way.

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