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Hmmm. My horoscope.

"You should be feeling your creativity energized today, NICHOLAS. If you have children this is a good day to take on that school project which requires your help. You may find a way to reconstruct 18th century England out of toothpicks and coffee filters. Your creative talents will be useful in other places too, so save some of it for the bedroom. Your partner will appreciate your ingenuity every bit as much as the kids do."

Yeah. Well, I am taking the kids to get registered at school today, does that count...? :P

The roof started to flood again, I had checked the filter last night but what I forgot to do was sweep the random crap off the roof - since, duh, when there's running water on the roof (like this morning) it will tend to pull the leaves and dirt and such with it, say, into the drain-filter. And so, said filter gets clogged. I was wading in it again this morning, clearing it. Fortunately - I checked it this time before it had a chance to really start leaking, but just barely.

Sigh. I want to go back to bed. :P

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