ntang (ntang) wrote,

Death & Taxes

Ok, actually, this post is about war and taxes.

How about:

One by One, Iraqi Cities Become No-Go Zones

"In Iraq, the list of places from which American soldiers have either withdrawn or decided to visit only rarely is growing: Falluja, where a Taliban-like regime has imposed a rigid theocracy; Ramadi, where the Sunni insurgents appear to have the run of the city; and the holy Shiite cities of Karbala and Najaf to the south, where the Americans agreed last month to keep their distance from the sacred shrines of Ali and Hussein.


Negotiations with rebel leaders foundered last week on precisely the issue of the freedom of American soldiers to enter the area; the Iraqi government, possibly with American backing, refused to accept the militia's demand. Even so, the point seemed clear enough: where Iraqis once tolerated American soldiers as a source of stability in their neighborhoods, they increasingly see them as a cause of the violence. Take out the Americans, the Iraqis say, and you take out the problem. Leave us alone, and we will sort our own problems."

Wait, what about the roses?

Or an oldy by still goody:
Undoing Tax Cuts Will Have Little Impact on Small Businesses
Wall Street Journal, 4/1/2004
(Cited here: http://blog.johnkerry.com/blog/archives/002723.html )

"Few of them [small businesses] make enough money to be affected by Sen. Kerry's proposal to undo the Bush tax cuts on those with incomes above $200,000… The latest Internal Revenue Service data available, from 2001 tax returns, show that less than 4% of taxpayers reporting any small-business income had total income above $200,000… the pay of anyone whose business is organized as a partnership – doctors, lawyers, management consultants -- shows up on a tax return as small-business income. The successful ones end up in the top tax bracket where Mr. Kerry’s tax plan would bite. Checks that members of corporate boards of directors receive, royalties that authors get, and consulting fees that professors charge show up as small-business income, too, and those folks are hardly the job creators of the modern economy."

Oh. But the Wall Street Journal is part of the liberal media, right? They keep trying to distort the issues with the facts.

I'm not saying the war in Iraq is being completely mishandled, or that the tax cuts are entirely a bad thing. Just mostly so, in each case.

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