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Notes on The Highly-Charged Political Stance Poll

So far 26 people have answered it. That's not bad. It's open to the world, though, so feel free to spread the word. If you do, though, link them to this post, not that one, I think... I'd like them to read this first.

First off, 25/26 are pro-choice. This didn't shock me much.

What surprised me was that the people answering are evenly divided between supporting and being against the death penalty. What also surprised me is the lack of consensus in any direction when it comes to foreign wars.

Let me say something, though, that may help clear things up a bit - and if it does, and you realize you mis-voted, please re-take the poll.

In each question, I'm trying to really see if people support not necessarily the political realities of each subject, but if they support the very concepts themselves. For instance, when it comes to wars on foreign soil, if you ever support those wars - say, for instance, the US sending troops to Europe to fight Hitler - then you support the concept. You may think there are very, very few instances where it's ok, but that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking if there are circumstances under which you would support said war, if you do support the concept itself.

The same goes for the death penalty. I'm well aware of the various problems with implementing it; I'm well aware of the fact that we often can't prove definitively that people have committed a crime and so by actually sentencing someone to the death penalty we run the risk of killing innocent people. That's all well and good, but what my question is, is if you support the concept of the death penalty. Make sense?

Oh, and one other note: ignore the "other" bit. It's really pro, anti, undecided. There's not really any room for an "other" in any of them, you either support the concept or you don't. So I can understand not having made up your mind, and an undecided vote is fine, but if you're voting other because you support it "but only if..." then just change it to a pro vote.

Yes, the rules are highly arbitrary. Deal with it, it's my damn poll. :P

Ok. So if having said that changes your mind at all, please retake the poll. If you haven't taken the poll yet, please take it! It's right here:

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