ntang (ntang) wrote,

Take my highly-charged political stance poll!

Ok, let me preface this by saying that these are very, very complex topics with a lot of subtleties. But I'm asking you to boil down your opinion to a simple yes/no/undecided choice. If you want to explain your sentiments, post a comment, that's fine. And, for the sake of this, I'm asking more for theoretical choices rather than pointing to specific incidents. For instance, when it comes to foreign war, it means for any reason - so that includes both WWII and Iraq. If you support the concept of going to war on foreign soil, but disagree with some specifics of the Iraq situation, or whatever, you still support the concept, so vote "pro-war". If you feel the death penalty is acceptable in certain circumstances but not others, you still support the concept of the death penalty. Make sense? Ok... go!

Poll #345099 Abortion, the Death Penalty, Foreign Wars

What are your feelings on women being able to choose to have abortions?

Anti-choice / pro-life
Other / undecided

What are your feelings on the death penalty?

Pro-death penalty
Anti-death penalty
Other / undecided

What are your feelings on going to war on foreign soil?

Other / undecided

(So, you're probably curious why, right? Well, because I'm curious. First I want to see how people stack up on my friends-list, and more importantly (?) I'm looking for correlations, I'm curious to see what trends there are in votes.)

Update: Before you take this poll, please read this: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ntang/754071.html

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