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William Saletan on the RNC

I really like the work William Saletan is doing at the RNC. He's a "liberal Republican" with "libertarian instincts". As he puts it, "I was sick of the liberal dogmatism of my college and post-college friends. I'd come to the conclusion, through personal and political experience, that while Democrats had the right values, Republicans had a better operating theory of human nature: People behave more virtuously and wisely when they bear the consequences of their actions."

Ok. So he's also Slate's chief political correspondent. He wrote a book on the abortion battle, which seems to have gotten good reviews from both liberal and conservative reviewers, so it sounds like maybe he's not entirely biased in favor of the liberal side. So go read his articles, they're well written, and he does a much better job of dissecting the speeches than I did (or could, probably).

Giuliani Plays Offense - Blogging from the Republican Convention

This one is a fairly standard blog, newest entries up top, which is mildly annoying as you have to scroll to the bottom to read it end-to-end in the correct order. Still, it's an interesting read, and a little more thoughtful than some of the writing I've seen on day one of the RNC.

Being There: What does 9/11 tell us about Bush? Nothing.

A good read. Bush supporters probably won't like it, but I think it's not unfair. Unkind, perhaps, but fair. He doesn't attack Bush so much as attack the language that Bush's supporters have been using to compare him and Kerry.

There are some other interesting articles there, but I'll leave it to those. I'm very curious to hear the reactions from my (admittedly few) Republican/conservative readers.

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