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Latest info on the march

So, the latest estimates are 400,000 - 500,000 protesters at the march (500k was the number given by UFP and seems to be confirmed by the CNN and NYTimes stories on it. There were approximately 200 arrests - 200 out of, at the very lowest estimate, 120,000, and realistically, more like 300k+. That's pretty damn good.

Those arrests were from a few isolated incidents, including the burning of one of the floats - by unidentified sources who were never captured. (The more paranoid out there are insisting they were undercover cops setting the fire and starting the fights, but I don't believe that. If it was going to be anyone, it'd be the Republicans and not the cops - the cops are New Yorkers too, I don't think they'd be that ridiculous. I don't even believe the Republicans would be, either, despite having heard multiple reports of them being planted in the crowd to stir things up. Although I did read one article where one of them actually admitted to trying to get the crowd pissed off and incite some ugly behavior to make them look bad.)

Mayor Bloomberg said "It has been peaceful". "United for Peace and Justice have behaved responsibly, as have most of the marchers."

Police Commish Ray Kelly said "Organizers for United for Peace and Justice should be commended for keeping their word. They pledged that their demonstrators would follow the march route and that's exactly what happened. It proceeded as expected and by and large was peaceful and orderly."

(Incidentally, I snapped a photo of him here: http://www.flickr.com/photo.gne?id=288062 He was right there, so he'd know.)

I love this quote from Fox News:
Some early convention arrivals looked across police lines, shouting at demonstrators: "Go home!"

If that's true, well, apparently these people don't realize something: this is our home, and you're the ones invading. You go home, schmucks.

Anyways, after the march, a few thousand people met in Central Park, with cops there (I went briefly) and that was also peaceful and civil, with the cops mostly standing around chatting while the protesters really were doing more partying and music-playing than protesting by the time I got there. It was a very relaxed, fun atmosphere, and people seemed happy with the day. I know I was - I had been really worried there'd be violence or other problems.

Overall, a very successful day, one I'm glad I took part in.
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