ntang (ntang) wrote,

Anti-RNC March & Rally photo gallery

Ok, the photos are all uploaded and I've started renaming and adding comments and notes and such. If you're curious about it, the photos are all here:

Some examples:

As I understand it, there was one fake coffin for each soldier that has died in Iraq. There were lots of coffins.

Some of the coffins were draped in black, instead of in the flag.

"No More Bushit 2004". Yep.

"In the name of God? There is no God on either side."

Bush himself actually attended, as you can see. He's in better shape than I expected.


"Make Nice? Bite Me."

There were Republicans there too.

There's no excuse.

"They died for our SUVs".

Ok, enough of that. Click through the gallery yourself.

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