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Slept poorly last night. Dunno why. Not the heat, as I turned the AC up pretty high to make sure I wouldn't get too hot. (Not that it was too cold either, I'm not crazy.) Woke up with a huge start at around 6:30, for some reason thinking it was 9:30, and being in an absolute panic. It took me a few minutes of panicking for me to wake up enough to realize the clock said 6:30, not 9:30. It's been a while since that sort of thing happened to me.

When I was a child, things like that used to happen all the time. I'd wake up at 3 or 4 am, too tired to see straight, and panic, thinking I was late for school, and I'd race around trying to get dressed and ready. It would usually end after I was almost ready and would either have gained enough consciousness to realize what the clock said, or my dad would get woken up by my panicked preparations and would come to the door and look at me like I was crazy and ask me what was going on.

What can I say? I was a very neurotic little kid, always worried about school and grades and all of that stuff. My parents, my father especially, were very demanding on me from a very young age and it took its toll. I'm still a bit neurotic at times nowadays, but I will say I'm in much better shape, mentally and emotionally, than I was growing up. Heh, it did give me a special fondness for Woody Allen - I think I've been a fan of his movies since I was about 9 or 10, maybe earlier even. They just seemed so perfect to me, and it was refreshing to see someone that was even more neurotic than me. Monty Python, too, I first saw them around the same time (the Holy Grrrrail, of course).

I was a bit weird that way. I think my dad said I either was scared or fell asleep (I think the latter) during the Star Wars movies. My friend's father took the two of us to a ML baseball game. I fell asleep during that too. I did like cartoons, so I was normal in that regard. He-Man, Voltron, Thundercats... loved all of those. And I loved the Muppet Show* and Electric Company**. Actually come to think of it, I've always had eclectic taste, I suppose. Heh.

* - Bork bork! Watch out for the fish.

** - To this day, I still remember at least one skit with great fondness. There's a person sitting at a table, eating or reading a paper or something inconsequential. A person dressed obviously as a robber comes in, I think brandishing a gun, but maybe not. Anyway, he says "Your money or your life!" to the guy. The guy looks at him, and ponders, and then says, "Um... your money." So the robber nods, says "Oh, ok" and takes out his wallet and starts counting out the cash. There might be more details, but that's the meat of it.

It was really silly and made me laugh then and still brings a smile to my face.

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