ntang (ntang) wrote,

Interesting article

There was an interesting article about Darfur written by Howard Dean, referenced in Tapped here: http://www.prospect.org/weblog/archives/2004/08/index.html#003596 . (The original article is right here .)

The Tapped post specifically quotes this section:

[Update: [snip] I'm removing the quote, as it needs to be read in context, I think. Go click the link and read the full article (as well as the Tapped commentary on it, while you're at it - btw, their link to the article doesn't work, but mine does, so use mine).]

...although the article is short enough that it won't take you long to read it all.

So I'm curious: what are peoples' reactions to that sentiment? Especially those Europeans (and more broadly any non-Americans) out there?

Link to full article, again: click here.
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