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Wow. Kerry campaign donates $6m to the DCCC and DSCC!

Woah. The Kerry/Edwards campaign just donated $3 million each to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Apparently the presidential campaign brought in so much money - $225 million - that they figured they could spare a little to help a few other Democrats get elected.

In Q2, the DSCC raised a total of $15.1 million, and the DCCC raised $16 million, so getting an extra $3m will be a huge shot in the arm for each organization.

Interestingly, while they're almost tied in money raised since the beginning of 2003, the DSCC has been greatly out-earning the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) in more recent times - $15.1m vs. around $11m for Q2. (Of course, that means the NRSC was out-earning the DSCC before - which is good, as it implies the tides are changing, and this is just the time for it to happen.)

This is an interesting little twist, and shows a heartening willingness to shoot for the bigger picture from the Kerry/Edwards campaign - after all, having a lame duck president would be better than having Dubya in office, but it certainly wouldn't accomplish a lot of positive changes. If they can increase the number of Democrats in the Senate and the House, and get Kerry elected, we could have a very positive 4 years coming up. Huzzah.

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