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Celeb Sighting

Oh yeah, I saw another celebrity today. Maybe two, but I only remember one. He was that guy who was in that sci fi show. Um. Earth: Final Conflict. He was the "hero" after the original lead left the show. I wonder if he lives nearby, he was dressed pretty casually and looked like he might've just left his apartment to get something, that sort of thing. Looks just like on tv, too, which is sometimes unusual. A lot of tv/movie people look like crap in real life without the makeup and lighting and such.

Oh and speaking of science fiction tv, one time I saw the original star of Babylon 5 a few months back, too. He's looking old.

Amusingly enough I saw him while taking to an asian woman... she was asking where the nearest Citibank was, and then pulled me aside and asked me if she thought it would be stupid to give the woman behind me money, since she had claimed to be from the east Hamptons and stuck in NYC without her money. I said yeah, I definitely wouldn't. She seemed torn. I appreciate wanting to help people, but letting someone scam you doesn't particularly help anyone. Anyway while trying to help her, he walked by.

Oh, and at work there was a 3-way in the conference room.

Birthday party that is. Apparently they didn't feel like throwing three separate parties this week. I didn't bother getting any cake, I wanted to get my stock options.

Oh, and I finally got that first reimbursement check. $150 down, around $400 to go. ;)

G'nite all.
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