ntang (ntang) wrote,

If you love paper...

...or you love people that love paper... or you love people that love people that love paper... or you're a pirate-hating ninja...

You should know that Kate's Paperie is having a massive sale - 75% off several types of merchandise. I got these kick-ass notebooks/journals for $3.50 each - nice leather-like covers, soft, decent quality paper (but a little too thin - my "medium" fountain pen leaks through slightly - I need to try the thinner one in it), normally $14.00. Not bad.

The sale goes on until August 15th and includes a bunch of things - the notebooks/journals, some pens, some photo albums, several other things.

(And no, I'm not a shill for them, but I just like their stores but can't usually afford to buy much from them. Well, now, at least for some things, I can. Also, if you ever need anything wrapped and are willing to spend a ridiculous amount on getting it wrapped, I highly recommend them, they do a beautiful job. It's ridiculously expensive ($8-$15 depending on the size; more if you use the non-standard paper or want other extras), so only worth it in some instances, but really nice.)
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