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More than 3 million people view Kerry on Iraq documentary


More Than 3 Million People View Kerry On Iraq Documentary


Contact: Christine Iverson

Washington, DC-Today Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie announced that more than three million Americans have now seen the Kerry On Iraq Documentary released by the Republican National Committee.

“Over the last week a record number of people have visited KerryOnIraq.com to view the Kerry On Iraq documentary. Over 3 million people have viewed the documentary with over 30,000 requests for copies and over 2,500 reviews submitted. In fact, more people viewed this documentary in its opening week than viewed Fahrenheit 911 in its opening weekend,” said Gillespie.

“The Kerry On Iraq documentary clearly outlines the evolution of Senator Kerry's positions on Iraq. Senator Kerry and Democrats hope the Senator's position is too confusing for the American people to understand. That makes this stunning refutation of the notion that John Kerry is a strong leader the documentary Democrats hope the American people will never see,” Gillespie said.

Heh, a few little points I'd like to make.

1.) It's 12 minutes and change. A little less of a time commitment than an actual full-length documentary.
2.) It's available on the internet for free. F911, as you know, you have to pay to attend.
3.) If all they're tracking is downloads, then those numbers are totally bogus anyways.
4.) They're comparing the opening week for this vs. the opening weekend for F911.

But sure, I believe that a lot of people saw it - if I wasn't going to work now, I'd watch it. In fact, I even loaded it up to check its length (3,000,001!) and when I get home tonight I'll probably watch it (3,000,002!). The whole thing, though, is preposterous. I'm sure there are free videos available on moveon.org or johnkerry.com or any of those places that have over 3,000,000 downloads. But hey, that's ok.
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