ntang (ntang) wrote,

One track mind...

It's true, I've had (or at least my public face, my journal) has been on a single track, recently, namely the anti-Bush, pro-Kerry campaign I'm waging. Sorry about that, all. I know you'd much rather read about my choice of yogurt, or the people I hate, or... well, I can't remember anything else I normally talk about in here. But I'm sure there are other things as well.

Unfortunately for you, YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET THAT!

Actually, that's not true. I promise - my next post will not be political. (I'm not saying there won't be any political opinions or views in it, because those are an inherent part of my nature, but it won't be overtly political.)

You may rejoice! Treasure these moments, for they will be few and far between until November.
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