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So, I know you're all waiting with baited breath for my thoughts on Timothy McVeigh.

I don't really care. I've read about how it was rushed (6 years?!), about how it was about revenge, whatever. All I can say is this: he was a mass murderer and I'm glad he won't be able to kill again. I don't much care about the people he blew up, other than I'm sorry that some potentially decent people are no longer around. Why should I care about them? They're strangers, just faces in the crowd. My life is no different for them being gone.

However, my life could have been changed for the worse by old Timmy-boy if he escaped to blow up more buildings in the future. I don't care about revenge. I care about the fact that they put a mad dog down before it could attack again. Simple as that.

I'm not a big fan of the death penalty but I do think that this killing was justified. I think we have to be damn careful about who we give that ultimate penalty to, but if, if, IF we can be absolutely sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are guilty, then, well, tough shit for them. They earned their place in hell.

Now, before you all label me a horrendous evil person, I'd like to point out that I bet a whole lot of you have been thinking similar thoughts, just most people don't actually come out and say them. You may feel sorry for the people who went, and you may feel compassion for the family and friends they left behind, but chances are unless you know someone involved you don't really care about them as individuals, and if you say you do, you're just full of shit, excuse my french. (Damn potty-mouthed french! Why, there'd be no swearing if it wasn't for that rude eurodisney-trash-filled country.*)

So, there, those are my thoughts. Agree with them, disagree with them, I don't care. I'm just letting anyone out there who cares know about my thoughts. I'm not asking you to agree with them, to understand them, or anything else. I'm merely informing you of what they are if you're curious.


Update: Ok, so I'm not entirely done. I've also read people saying that he was a trained killer, and he was just doing what he was trained to do.

Excuse me? Since when did humans lose their free will and common sense? He was a human. He had a brain. He could have found other ways to protest, could have stopped himself from following his training. We have millions of veterans and current members of the armed forces, and you don't see them going around blowing the shit out of things every day.
He was going to war against the U.S.? Well, he lost, and he died fighting a stupid war. All's fair in love and war, right? Make whatever excuses you'd like to for him, but he was a murderer and I'm glad he's not around to take any more lives.

He knew what he was doing when he did it, and he knew what the penalty would be. I have respect for the fact that he died bravely doing what he believed in, but I have no respect for his other actions or the thoughts behind them. He killed almost 200 people, most -- if not all -- of whom were innocent and didn't deserve to get in the way of his anger. He deserved no mercy nor pity. And THAT is that.

Update 2: Ok, ok, so maybe that isn't that.

I feel compelled to say this: the bloodthirsty masses hungering for his blood are sick bastards. Like I said - I don't want revenge and I don't think anyone, even the families involved directly or peripherally, should. It's not about that, people. It's about making sure he can't do any further harm. If you make it about revenge, you're lowering yourself to his level. Yes, you feel anger and pain and outrage and loss, but having him killed isn't going to bring back your children and spouses and friends and everyone else. I can't fault you for feeling those feelings... God knows, if my children were taken out in it I'd probably have killed the son of a bitch with my bare hands - but that doesn't mean you should revel in them. Get over it and put it behind you and try to honor the memory of those that were lost, rather than cheer for the death of their murderer.

* - Welcome to the art of sarcasm, gentle reader. Proceed with caution, there's a low ceiling ahead.
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