ntang (ntang) wrote,

DNC day three

The only speech that interested me at all today was John Edwards. I wanted to see Al Sharpton's speech but missed it, but I hear it was a lot more... enthusiastic... than some of the other speeches.

Anyways, Edwards' speech was quite good. For the first time someone really spoke about the details of what the Kerry/Edwards platform entails, and it was, appropriately, one of the two people who will be executing it. He's a very charismatic speaker, but he didn't really rile the crowd up as much as I felt he could have - but he DID convey his thoughts clearly and forcefully, which I think was his point. He also seemed to be having some problems with his voice, he sounded a bit hoarse at times. Anyways, regardless, I can't deny it - he's good up there, even if he wasn't at his best tonight. We've had three really good speeches in a row. If Kerry can pull it off tomorrow, they'll be batting 1000 (at least in terms of keynote speeches).

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