ntang (ntang) wrote,

The Clintons... Hillary's up.

Hillary is on now. She's gotten better, but she's really big with the Emphasis On Every Word Like The Politician Stereotype And It Begins to Wear On Me.

There are times when she lapses into a more natural method of speech, and those are the times when I actually start to enjoy listening to her speak. She's not a bad speaker, but she still hasn't gotten comfortable with it quite yet, I think. She's Trying Too Hard And Needs To Relax And Just Speak like a normal person.

But it's a decent speech overall - hitting a lot of important issues, garnering a lot of applause, getting the crowd a little worked up - with her words if perhaps not entirely with her delivery. (Although I will say, she's awfully emphatic. She may not have learned how to let her emphasis ebb and flow naturally, but she's definitely got the volume and emphasis in her voice.)

(Why am I not talking about the things she's saying? Because, honestly, it feels a bit generic. Good, overall, but nothing mind-boggling. She's repeating the party line. I hope Bill's speech is more interesting, a bit more ground-breaking, as it were.)

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