ntang (ntang) wrote,

Trading Spouses vs. Wife Swap

Wow, this isn't even a joke, which is what makes it great.

Apparently, Trading Spouses, a new Fox reality show, premiered last night. I assume I don't need to describe what it's about, other than to say that sexual favors are the one aspect of spousal trading that isn't kosher for the show. (Theoretically.) Coming up soon (Fall 2004), ABC will be premiering Wife Swap, another reality tv show with the exact same concept.

ABC announced its version first, but Fox being Fox, they promptly ripped off the idea and even beat ABC to the market with their ripoff. Not shocking.

Read all about it here:

In other news, Fox is (*gasp*) totally biased and conservative and outright anti-liberal and anti-democrat in its "news". Its "journalists" are told what to say, are told what stories to air, are told what message to give, and are promptly fired if they don't comply. It's pretty scary, especially for a network whose slogan is "fair and balanced". The Fox people apparently wouldn't know a fair and balanced piece of journalism if it was shoved so far up their collective ass that they were spitting teeth.


(I may be hosting a viewing party at my house at some point, if anyone's interested...)
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