ntang (ntang) wrote,

Arnold threatens to "terminate" the "girlie men" democrats

Heh, this story just amused me. And the greatest thing? The subject is completely serious.


I won't copy the whole article, but the relevant paragraphs:

"I call them girlie men," Mr. Schwarzenegger said of the Democrats, as hundreds of shoppers who had gathered to hear him speak roared their approval at the Ontario Mills megamall, about 40 miles east of Los Angeles. "They should get back to the table and they should finish the budget."


"Mr. Schwarzenegger has compared lawmakers to kindergartners who need a timeout and threatened to seek a constitutional amendment making the Legislature a part-time body. He is also appearing in the districts of vulnerable Democrats and promising to "terminate" those who stand in his way."

It actually doesn't really bother me that much that he'd say things like that, but that's probably because he's thousands of miles away. Although it would amuse the hell out of me to hear Bloomberg or Pataki try to talk like that.

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