ntang (ntang) wrote,

Inspirational... in a psychotic way...

I just read about Run Across America 2004 - which is just what it sounds like. In RAA, the entrants literally run across the country, a total of 3100 miles in 71 stages. Just finishing it is of course a major achievement.

It's inspiring to see these people - the oldest contestant is 66 years old! - but Good Lord, they're a bunch of insane mofos.


Still, it helps put things in perspective. Some days when I'm totally stressed and freaked out and feeling miserable and feeling overwhelmed, I look at something like this and think, hmmm, y'know, life could be a lot more difficult than it is.

Me, personally, not in quite such good shape. I did do the Prospect Park run again on Saturday and this time I timed myself; 3.35 miles in just under 38 minutes. I'm not even running 10 minute miles, which is sort of depressing, but the way I look at it, 15 years ago I used to feel wiped out doing a single mile, so I'm already a lot better than I was at my worst. (15 years ago I was 12, chubby, out of shape, and a total nerd. Now I'm 27, a little chubby, in so-so shape, and... a total nerd. Ok, well, I'm working on it.)

My goal is to hit 3.35 miles in 33 minutes by... I'm going to say by August 15, which is just shy of a month, and is also right before I leave for my annual foray to Vancouver. Once I'm up there I'll be getting force-fed (well, close to it) 3 meals a day, 7 days a week until I get back, and won't have much (if any) time to myself, so if I'm not at that point by then, I won't be there for a while afterwards.

Once I can comfortably (and I use that term loosely) run the course in 30 minutes every time, I'm going to start increasing the distance - maybe just double it outright. I've always sucked at running, in part because of my asthma, in part just because I'm a lazy bastard, and I'm determined to fix that. When I can run the course, twice (6.7 miles) in one hour, and not die at the end... then I'll be happy.

I'll think about running 3100 miles next year. *cough*

( Found here: http://www.thenub.net/index.php?id=P991 )

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