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My day, continued.

After posting that, and playing with the kids some more, I finally got them to sit quietly for a movie. So, while they watched, I hopped on EQ - and hey, my cousin was actually online playing this time. :)

So we spent a while chatting while she twinked me out (it's funny, I kept telling her not to, and she'd reply with a laugh and tell me she was having fun and wanted to... hey, I'm not going to complain if she wants to help me get off to a good start...). So now my Erudite Paladin, Joeh, has a minotaur axe and some decent armor, at 2nd level. :)

After the kids got bored and the baby started crying, I logged off at around 4 pm or so and went and fed them snacks, and then I played a little soccer in the living room with the older boy while the baby ran around, then I played catch with him for a bit, and then I took them out for a walk, and also to get some quarters for laundry and to pick up the mail. It was nice, we all got a bit of fresh air and had a nice little time together. Amazing how long a short walk can take when you're going at an 18 month old's speed. ;)

And now I've got them both watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, and I'm going to go start dinner and the laundry. If I can get the baby fed and put to bed early, I'll play nintendo with J after dinner. And if not, not, but I'm going to try, we don't get enough time together. It's hard. The 18 month old is not so fond of being left alone while I spend time with my older son.

Boy, I'm tired. I had a nice time this weekend, for the most part, but I swear I need a shot of something to keep me going. It's hard keeping up with two kids, all alone, all weekend. *whew*

Next weekend it's down to my dad's place for Father's Day (another stupid holiday, I hate them all...), which will be a little easier on me. I think I'll take J to see Atlantis, maybe Shrek another time since we all enjoyed it so much. I kinda like the double-father-son thing... me and my son, me and my dad, three generations going out and doing things.

Ok. So, dinner and chores. Right. I'm off.
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