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Amazingly, I've still got spare invites, and am now getting them faster than I can give them out. Bizarre. Anyone still not have one and want one?


- If you've requested an invite from me in the past, I've probably forgotten or it was slurped into your spam box. Check your spam box, and if you still need one, lemme know.

- Also, please note my simple, simple policy: in exchange for an invite now, I want one later. Meaning: once you start getting your own invites (and each account does spawn its own after a while) I'd like you to use one on my behalf. Why? Because I've gotten more requests than invites, and it seems like a fair enough trade: I give you an invite, you give me one in return once you've got some to spare. Right? Right. And this way, I can make sure that I get enough invites so that everyone that asks me can get one, sooner or later. (This is becoming less and less necessary, but whatever.)

- I've heard from 2 people now that it does NOT work, apparently, with old versions of Netscape or IE, or any version of IE on Mac. If you're on a Mac but not on OS X, or if you're not using a somewhat modern browser, you may be shit out of luck. Sorry, not my fault. If you need a good browser and you're on a modern OS, go here: http://www.mozilla.org/

- Please include your first and last name (I don't want your damn middle name, do you hear me? Do you?!) and your email address in your request. Requests without said information will be ignored. (Also, please note, this is a public post, so if you don't want your current name and email address open to the public, email me the request.)

- The Management reserves the right to not give you an invite if he doesn't like you. Or runs out. Or forgets.

- Quantities limited, act now!

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