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I hate when I forget what I wanted to say.

I had this whole rant about stupid people (what else?) worked out.  It came to me on the bus ride home - about how God made bears to eat stupid people.  There was more to it, but that was the point of the post.  I was thinking about how some people are just idiots, and how everyone should know who Kurosawa is, and that somehow there were people who didn't know about him, and that was just wrong.  God made bears to eat those people, and smart people had foolishly worked so hard to protect the stupid people, and now they're all walking around being tourists and whatever.

It really was funny, but I was too tired to write it down, and now I've lost it.  I remember some of the big points, but a post like that, it's all about the subtleties - the phrasing, the timing, the delivery, it all needs to be right or the entire post falls apart.

DAMNIT.  I hate that.

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