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Stupid people

I just want to make something clear: I really hate stupid people.

I know, I know, you're thinking . o O ( "But stupid people have a right to live too!" )  And you'd be right, too - if you weren't wrong.

We made copies of the new apartment keys, and the stupid person at Home Depot got them wrong.  When I say "got them wrong", I mean he (or she, women can be just as stupid as men and I wasn't there when the atrocity was being committed) used the wrong key.... template, or form, or whatever they call them.  In other words, he cut the teeth reasonably well, but the key was just the wrong shape, the grooves in the side were the wrong size and/or shape and/or whatever.  To put it another way, he's a stupid poopy head.

I mean, really.  Your job is to stand there and cut keys.  There are maybe 100 different types of keys.  Is it really that hard to pick the right one?  He had 6 keys to copy, and he got 2 of them wrong.  That's 66% correct, that's like a D+ at best.  There's just no excuse for it.

We're (and when I say we, I actually mean "my dad", since he is home during the day due to being retired) going to go back and try to get a refund, or in a worst case scenario to get someone less stupid to recut them for free.  Ideally we'd get a refund AND get to jam the unworking keys in the eyesockets of the person that cut them, but I think that's against store policy.

I'm officially tired.  Oak was not meant to be slept on, at least not without a mattress between you and said oak.  I'm probably grumpy as well, but I'm too busy thinking about killing and maiming to really think about my mood.

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