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How cool is this?  There's a new movie about the life of Cole Porter, with none other than Kevin Kline playing Porter and Ashley Judd playing his wife, Linda Lee Porter.  I love Kevin Kline... and, well, Ashley Judd is gorgeous.  (Although I just read that she turned down the role of Catwoman so she could go on Broadway - where she got terrible reviews.  Damnit.  I mean, Halle is gorgeous and actually a great actress too, when in the right roles - I'm just not sure that she can play Catwoman without being embarrassing.  I haven't really seen much of Judd's work, so I can't judge her as an actress, though, so maybe she'd have sucked it up too.)


In an American Dreamsish move, they decided to get a bunch of contemporary pop music stars to perform his songs in the movie (and I assume for the sound track).  Some of the choices, though, seem odd.  They've got little clips of them, and for instance, Alanis Morissette's rendition of Let's Do It sounds, well, terrible.  Her voice (and the way she uses it) just is totally wrong.

I understand that getting relatively famous musicians will be a big box office draw for many people (not to mention selling lots of cds), but I dunno.  I'm inclined to say that maybe they could've highlighted some less famous - but more appropriate (musically) - musicians.  There are a lot of jazz (and other pop) musicians who could've frankly done better and could've really used the publicity as well.  (On the other hand, Natalie Cole is a fairly obvious choice, and I can't really complain about Elvis Costello, even if he wouldn't necessarily be my first choice, because he does work pretty well in this context.  Robbie Williams surprised me by not sucking (at least in the 15 seconds of music in the clip).  Sheryl Crow was kind of "eh" and Alanis Morissette was just wrong.  I dunno.)

Anyways!  I'm really looking forward to this one.  Could be great (could also suck, but I'm hoping it won't).

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