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Best dating site EVER [l]


You might be asking "MMO?  What's what?"
You may also be thinking "Heh, funny, MMO usually stands for 'Massively Multiplayer Online', as in MMORPG or wotnot.  Wonder what it means in this context."


Well, welcome to the first dating site oriented around Massively Multiplayer games.


No, seriously!

As an experiment, I ran a search for all Female profiles of any age and then all Male profiles of any age.  There were a bunch of male profiles.  There was one female profile.  Heh.

(Disclaimer: the site is apparently new and doesn't have many profiles of either gender, but it's currently at something like a 16:1 M:F ratio, which I found terribly amusing and not at all surprising.  For those of you that have never played in a MMORPG, there actually is a fairly even distribution of male to female characters... the problem is, the female characters are also played by guys most of the time.)
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