ntang (ntang) wrote,

Paper journal

For the first time in almost 12 years, I put pen to paper and actually wrote an entry in my paper journal.  I've occasionally scrawled journal-like entries in other ways and other places, but even including those it's been maybe 5 in the past 12 years.

Why?  Well, for one, because I'm enjoying using my new Parker Insignia Wave fountain pen (thanks topher!  I'm really glad I got it!), and for another, well, LJ just hasn't been doing it for me recently.  Something about it.  Maybe I'm just tired of everyone in the universe (or at least the people on my friends-list) getting to read what I'm thinking. I have to admit, I kind of like having a place all to myself. (Does that make me a horrible person? I hope so!)

It went well, I guess - I wrote something like 9 half-pages (it's a small journal, not 8.5 x 11).  I liked it, too - but now my forearm hurts.  I'm not used to writing with a pen for that long.  ;)  Been too long since I used them, though, it feels good.

Ah well.  I dunno, I'm just babbling.  I'm tired, and so, so, so looking forward to having this long weekend off.

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