ntang (ntang) wrote,

Bike Stores?

Anyone know any good bike stores in the city?  I don't need it right away, but once I move (i.e. two or three months from now) I'd like to get a bike.  (And by bike I mean bicycle, not motorcycle.  That'd be nice too, like once I win the lottery or something.)

Anyways, it needs to be friendly and cheap and honest, as I know nothing about bikes or bicycling (I don't even know how to ride one, so I need a bike that'll be able to withstand me potentially falling/crashing a lot until I learn).  Online places are ok too, if they are reliable and cheap.  Recommendations on bikes or whatever are also appreciated.  Places that stock kid-sized bikes are preferred, too, as I'd like to get bikes for the kids.  Thanks all.  :)

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