ntang (ntang) wrote,

Breakfast conversation redux [k]

(This conversation is a follow-up to this: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ntang/678327.html )

There was something on the tv about discount clothing shopping, and they showed a pair of sisters that saves money by shopping at goodwill, and my dad and I both made comments about that being a bit disgusting - middle class people who can afford better buying clothes intended for those who don't have the money.  But anyways...

M: People didn't have clothes in the old days.
N: How old are you talking?
M: All people, adults and children.
N: No, I mean... you said in the old days, so how long ago?
M: A hundred and five years ago.
N: Oh, ok.  Is that back when there were werewolves?
M: *nods while chewing*
N: Did the werewolves have clothes?
M: No, no one did.
N: Ok.
N: What happened to the werewolves?
M: They hunted them to make their clothes.
N: So that's why they're extinct?
M: *nods while chewing*

(I swear to God, this is all true.  Some of the quotes aren't exact due to my lack of phonographic memory, but the gist is accurate, and the quotes are pretty close.)

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