ntang (ntang) wrote,

Geek photos

With no warning (literally) they just took "team photos" of the tech crew. I think I have a permanent brown spot burned into my vision by the flash now. I think it was a Nikon Coolpix 950 or maybe the 990. I think it was the 950*.

Heh, sort of amusing. Apparently we're not good at the whole concept of group photos. At first, it was almost a case of tallest to shortest, with the tallest people all on the right and the shortest all on the left. We also had trouble with the concept of taller people behind shorter people. After a while it was finally straightened out so we were in some semblance of order (telling us to turn to the side so we could get closer together turned out to be a mistake, as a few of us ignored it and the rest all turned 90% to the left, heads and all. A cry of "We're engineers, we do exactly what we're told!" was heard.).

Hey, what can I say? We don't do the whole "photo" thing. Not well, anyways. ;)

* - Does this matter? No. But I was curious.

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