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KHAAAAAN! (Google, actually.) [g]

God DAMNIT.  I just found out how Google is Google, or at least a big part of it - the Google File System.


I'm not saying that the rest of what they've done isn't equally brilliant, because it IS, but the end result is - Google's core technology just whips everyone elses' ass.  In a big way.

Anyways, I found it here:

...but honestly, I basically knew everything else they mentioned, the one thing I hadn't figured out was how they managed some of the disk/storage issues - and now I know.  I even had the basic idea there figured out, I just couldn't figure out the details of the implementation.  Of course, this is Google - so they just implemented it in-house using their own custom technology.

Damn them.  I wish I had access to a dedicated team of high-end developers to build my own technology needs from scratch.  :P

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