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Ok, everyone's always taking these stupid quizzes, and they're never interesting to read, they just take up space. So, here's my attempt at one.

The Quiz

1.) Who is your favorite Beastie Boy?

2.) Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy?

2a.) Why do you have a favorite Backstreet Boy?

2b.) You realize that answering that question has lowered you in my opinion forever, don't you?

3.) Who is your favorite Beatle?

4.) What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

4a.) How can you justify such a poor choice?

5.) What is your favorite brand of pasta?

6.) Aldente?

7.) If you had to choose a superhero to go on a road trip to Topeka with, who would it be?

8.) Have you had sex with a simian?

8a.) Was it male or female?

9.) What color socks are you wearing?

10.) Are you on fire?

11.) What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Stop it! I don't care that much, I just wanted to see if you'd answer.

12.) Are you gay?

12a.) Do you regret that?

13.) Do you like Rufus Wainwright?

13a.) Is he gay?

13b.) Do you regret that?

14.) What's your shoe size?

14a.) UK, US, or other?

15.) What image do you find most horrifying?

16.) What sound do you find most horrifying?

17.) Will you send me all of your money?

17a.) Are you sure?

18.) Paper or plastic?

19.) Electric, disposable, straight, folding, or none of the above?

20.) Who is your favorite member of the yellow-skinned members of the cast of the Simpsons?

21.) Why are you answering this quiz?

22.) What's your favorite kind of cake?

23.) How many holes in your shoes/boots?

24.) What's the difference between General Tso's chicken and Sesame chicken?

25.) Do you like children?

25a.) How about in soup?

26.) What operating system would you use if stranded on a desert island?

27.) Do you prefer the Sisters of Mercy or the Fields of the Nephilim?

28.) What's your favorite color of blood?

29.) How many times have you eaten pastrami in your life?

29a.) Was it hot?

29b.) Did you use mustard?

30.) Do you suffer from bad breath?

Extra bonus point question:

31.) What's your bra size?

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