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The Apprentice Finale

Well, in a shocking twist ending, The Donald hired Sam.

Heh.  Anyways, I just watched the finale of The Apprentice.  It was a bit too long and drawn out, and leaning very heavily on the promotional aspects of it, but I will say it was a fun series and Bill was obviously the better candidate.  If that wasn't obvious the moment Kwame hired Omarosa, it was certainly obvious when he didn't fire her ass with extreme prejudice.

I'm glad Donald picked Bill, I just think he should fire George for not thinking hiring and not firing and not dealing with Omarosa wasn't a deal breaker.  If I was him I'd have serious doubts about Georgie's ability to hire anyone competent.  Kwame showed an utter lack of judgment in going with Omarosa, and an utter lack of balls and leadership in letting her walk all over him.  Hell, even Troy abused the situation, and he was Kwame's staunched supporter (I think...!).  Kwame's a nice guy, but he's not a leader, and I have serious doubts about his ability to ever be a leader.  Bill's not the greatest ever, but he's far superior to Kwame.

So, that's that.  I have a feeling the next season is going to suck, but I hope I'm wrong.  This Monday, The Restaurant starts up again, and as much as I'm sure it's going to be a train wreck (and I don't just mean ON the show), I will freely admit to looking forward to it.  I enjoyed the last season and there's something great about seeing an entire show about managing and owning a Restaurant.  Anyhoo.  Onwards...

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