ntang (ntang) wrote,


Yes, I finally did it, after all these years of mockery and disdain and yes - let's face it - open contempt.  I've given in.  I've switched.

That's right, today I started drinking diet coke.

It's occurred to me many times that coke was responsible for a lot of the calories I take in - empty calories at that.  And I mean a LOT of the calories I take in - it's not unusual for me to have 2 glasses and 2 cans of coke a day, or something like 50 fluid ounces of coke in a 24 hour period.  According to the nutritional info I've found online, that's close to 600 calories a day, just in coke.  Yeah.  So finally, I've decided that while I may have it from time to time, I'm going to make diet coke my drink of choice with a meal.  (When I'm just drinking something because I'm thirsty, I generally drink water, so at least it's not all bad.)

Anyways, we'll see if it helps.  I think between getting exercise regularly and cutting out 600 calories a day, I ought to start noticing a difference in a few weeks.  If not, I'll re-evaluate the situation then.
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