ntang (ntang) wrote,

The Apprentice: Total Sham? [t] [l]

Apparently, the entire renovate-and-rent-an-apartment episode was total, total bullshit. According to an article in The Morning News, one of the apartments that was rented out was not only pre-rented before the show - but for a different amount than was "negotiated" on camera! The difference was enough to make the wrong team lose, and in effect, the entire episode was a set-up. Yikes.


I always figured it wasn't entirely real, and I assumed it was heavily edited to put a spin on it, but I thought that a lot of the stuff they were doing was at least mostly real. Now, if this article is right, it looks like it's all total and utter bullshit. That disappoints me, but doesn't shock me. It does rob it of some of the fun, though. Ah well.
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