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Debt-reducing guru

I've seen a lot of articles, tv shows, posts, and whatever else about relieving your crushing debt.  They profile a lot of "regular families" who are saddled with huge amounts of debt, large screen tv's, new cars, and nice houses.  Since I am a self-proclaimed Debt-reducing Guru, I thought I'd give you all some useful tips:

- Stop buying shit you don't need
- Put all of your extra money towards your debt

This doesn't apply to all people in debt, but it's also often good advice nevertheless:

- Stop fucking around and get a job

Finally, for those families unable to follow the above advice:

- Sell your children
- Get a good life insurance policy and kill yourself

Thanks.  Look for my book (more of a pamphlet, really) soon at fine retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.
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