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Phone Post: Drunken Livejournal Posting

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“Me: "This is a, ah, Livejournal post, and I'd just like to say that I'm very disappointed that Oz is NOT on fire."

Heath: "Not on fire. Yes, Oz is indeed not on fire, and we're hoping... on... uh, yeah, ok, I'll give it to Oz."

[indeterminate background chatter]

Oz: (in response) "I have had a few. Heath has... Heath is being very cautious... I'm not being cautious at all, I've had a few. And, uh, I guess I should say I haven't set myself on fire, which is a good thing. And that's what makes the night good... [background talking] Well, yeah, Nick says the night could've been better if I set myself on fire, but there are no matches here, no candles. So it's not going to happen! [Heath makes a comment about Oz not having his Gap asbestos sweater.] That's right! I don't have my Gap sweater, I have a Gap shirt... that's as close as I can go. No, no no no, no, you know what I did? I starched the jacket when I... I starched the shirt while I was ironing it... [chatter]"

[more chatter] [Oz says: "Ok, who wants it next?"]

Matt: "This has been a public service announcement for Livejournalers Against Alcohol. This is what can happen if your Livejournaler drinks. And, back to Nick. Oh wait, to Heath."

Heath: "If you wash any piece of clothing in Bor...[me: "In alcohol!"] no not in alcohol, in Borax, it becomes fireproof. So when you... [Matt: "Is this a public service announcement?"] Yes, this has been a public service... [Me: "In gasoline!"] This has been a public service announcement from The Storm."”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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