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How to eat during a marathon day... [w] [k]

Interesting article here:

I'll save you the trouble of reading it, though, and I'll just summarize. When you're working those 12+ hour days that some of us unfortunately do work, the way to get the most out of yourself is by eating/acting right, and you do that by breaking your day into 4 "timezones". Ignore thoughts of weight-loss or anything else; the key is giving your body the energy it needs to get through the day. Diets are apparently not for people working hard.
7 am - 11 am: blood sugar is low, so eat breakfast, a little coffee is ok, sugar is out.
11 am - 3 pm: eat again, sugar is again out, a little more coffee is ok, do some stretches.
3 pm - 7 pm: have a snack, a little sugar is ok, but some real food too. Look away from your screen every 10 minutes to rest your eyes.
7 pm - 11 am: stretch, rub your feet over a golf ball. Eat a healthy dinner, avoid coffee. Go home, avoid alcohol.

Interestingly enough, alcohol prevents deep sleep - so even though it might make you drowsy and help you get to sleep, it'll prevent you from getting a solid night of sleep so will generally do more harm than good. I hadn't realized that. The good news is, I do apparently know how to eat when I'm working hard, as that's more or less what I do.

My son has a big standardized test today, so I spent the morning reviewing things like multiplication and division. I was a little disturbed at how poorly he had been taught to do it - he could do single digit multiplication and division only. He's in third grade now - maybe everyone else thinks it's normal, but it seems to me that at the very least he ought to know how to do multiple-digit multiplication, and probably ought to know how to do long division too. So I taught him both, although that might be overkill for this (but really, it shouldn't... no wonder we've got the worst educational record among the industrial nations). I also focused on keeping my dad calm, since his natural inclination was to scream constantly, as he was stressed out. I pointed out that getting J stressed would only hurt his score, and that he should just help him relax and encourage him to think and review and such but not yell at him. So, I guess we'll see if I succeeded. Ah well. Now of course I'm late for work, but such is life.

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