ntang (ntang) wrote,

The Presentation

So the presentation in question was on the media. The history of it, the stories behind it, the business and politics of it, and at the end, to give it some sort of relevance, the role sites like ours play in it.

It was actually really interesting, I'm glad I went. If they're all this good I'll be at all of them, although it wasn't a tech presentation in any way, shape, or form. Actually in some ways that was a good thing, an occasional break is a nice thing. ;) Part of what helped is that he's a good speaker, and in fact used to work at several NY newspapers, so he understands it from the inside, and he knows how to tell a story.

Most of them are much more technical, discussing things like programming techniques or web servers or blah blah blah but those are probably worth attending as well. Like I said, if nothing else it gets me away from my desk for an hour. ;)

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