ntang (ntang) wrote,

Save money at Circuit City's expense

Circuit City had a price mistake on their website this morning, listing their $209.99 200GB Western Digital SATA Caviar HD for $79.99. Slickdeals.net caught it. Circuit City reacted by marking their inventory at 0, despite having many (from what I've heard) in stock. They also removed the "buy now" button on the website so you can't even add it to your shopping cart now.

The thing is? Well, someone posted a shopping cart url with one in it to Slickdeals, so now you can all print it out and bring it into your local CC store and they should honor the price. Again, this is 1/3 of the normal price, so if you're looking for a new HD and have an SATA controller (new motherboards have them built in; for older ones you have to get an "expansion" PCI card controller) this is a great, great deal.


Again, you can't order online, but you CAN print the cart (make sure the $79.99 price is visible) and bring that into the stores. And since I hate Circuit City, the idea of people profiting from their loss ($79.99 has got to be below their own purchasing price) makes me happy. So buy lots! :)

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