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Fucking Fedex

Actually, really, fucking any-shipper-out-there, with the possible exception of the USPS, who could care less about any of it.


Because I bought something online, and it shipped yesterday. From where? From Edison, NJ. Netflix has a warehouse in Edison, NJ and when they ship on a Friday via USPS (normal mail!) I often get it the next day, literally, one day freaking shipping. Why? Because Edison NJ is maybe 25 or 30 miles from where I live, it's really freaking close and takes no time to get here.

Fedex, though, through its "3 day super-saver shipping king-sized mcshipment" service, guarantees 3-day deliveries. And apparently, that means, even if they could get it here faster, they still guarantee 3-day deliveries. The freaking package got to Newark on Friday afternoon (Newark being the local hub as far as I can tell) and then left Newark Friday night. Newark is maybe 20 miles from my house, so we're getting warmer.

When is the estimated arrival date? March 10th. That's NEXT WEDNESDAY.

If they had mailed it, I'd have it right now.

I ordered from this company before, and the order was split in two: half came from their warehouse in CA and half from their warehouse in Edison. The stuff from Edison arrived one day earlier than the stuff from CA. How'd they manage that? Because after arriving at Newark, they shipped it out, and the next day... it arrived BACK IN NEWARK.

I understand why they do it; they don't want to jeopardize their more pricey shipping methods, but it's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. People will STILL pay for 1-day shipping if it's important, because IT'S IMPORTANT. There's no harm in allowing a 3-day shipment to arrive in 1 or 2 days, people will just be happy it arrived early. If I needed something here the next day, I'd pay for next day shipping, even if 3 or 2 day shipping usually got here in a day, because I'd want that guarantee.

Oy. I've seen UPS do this as well, and it pisses me off. It's so braindead. BAH! This is why I'd rather send stuff through the USPS when I can, because they may not give you tracking numbers or promise it'll ever arrive, but most of the time, it gets there faster than UPS and cheaper than either UPS or FedEx and is a lot more convenient too. Fucking delivery services. Sigh.

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