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Earth to Nader: die, motherfucker. kthxbye

I think this article does a good job of stating the case against Nader:


But there is also a growing contingent within the Green Party that doesn't want to introduce any candidate whatsoever. Green Party member Pat LaMarche, who ran for Maine governor on the Green ticket in 1998, told Muckraker, "There are Greens who want Nader on the ballot so they can vote their conscience. But to me, voting my conscience is stopping George Bush -- a cold, calculating, heartless man. If the only people who have the remote possibility of stopping him are the Democrats, they damn well better do it. I can vote for Nader if all I want is an attempt. I want a win."

So, in summary: Ralph, I hope you die.

If any law enforcement officials are reading this, I'm only kidding. Rah rah rah for our electoral process! Let everyone run! Free country! (As long as GW loses.)
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