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The RPG Cliche List [l]

Pretty self-explanatory, but very amusing.

Ampersand Law #1. Early RPGs always had names in this format: [Something] & [Something Else That Usually Begins With The Same Letter]. (Dungeons & Dragons, Tunnels & Trolls, Villains & Vigilantes, Chivalry & Sorcery, etc.)

Axebeard Law. In fantasy games, all dwarves should have the words "axe" or "beard" somewhere in their names. (Exception: Dark Sun) See also the PineSol Law.

Black Trenchcoat Rule. In modern-day games, black trenchcoats are comfortable attire in any climate and ideal for concealing swords and/or shotguns.

Colon Law. Most modern-day occult games have names in this format: [Something]: the [Something Else].

Crystal Power Law. In modern-day occult games, all Wiccans (or variants thereof) are automatically good and in tune with the secret truths of the setting. (Exception: Unknown Armies) See also the Kill Whitey Law.

Dark Dungeons Law. At a certain character level in Dungeons & Dragons games, Dungeon Masters begin teaching the players real magic. Unfortunately, no gamer has ever been able to determine which level this would be, and -- strangely -- the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide have absolutely no information on the matter. Of course, it has to be at some level, right? After all, the Christian fundamentalists who presented this information would never go against their religion by bearing false witness, would they?

Kill Whitey Law. In modern-day occult games, Western civilization is an active force for evil, or at the least dehumanizing and soul-numbing. (Exception: Unknown Armies)

PineSol Law. In fantasy games, all elves should use foliage types or some reference to the sun in their names. (Exception: Dark Sun, again) See also the Axebeard Law.

You get the idea. :) Read them all here:

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