ntang (ntang) wrote,


Mmmm... stuffed.

Got the chicken doner sandwich from Sultan II, which is basically a pita with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions put in, and a "white sauce" and "hot sauce" poured over them. Very good, and very filling.

Now, here's a question. Why do all of these middle-eastern joints call it "white sauce"? What's so magic about it that they can't tell you the name? It's always "Do you want the... white sauce...?" and you expect them to either be offering you drugs or hitting on you. If we can see the actual name of the food, why can't we see the actual name of the ingredients? Is it that hard to pronounce? Or is this some sort of Fight Club secret and is there a bunch of guys in the back room jizzing into a bucket and that's what they're labeling "white sauce"? Damnit. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE WHITE SAUCE IS!

And it's not just one or two places, either, it's every damn place I've been to that's middle-eastern, whether it's Egyptian or Turkish or random street vendor pigeon-wagon, it's always the mysterious "white sauce". Hell I even saw one that was just offering mayonnaise but rather than call it mayo they called it "...white sauce...". IT WAS MAYO DAMNIT!!!

Here endeth my rant on "the white sauce".

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