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And finally, with that, I am done. After 45 hours of gameplay, I finished SW: KOTOR, and I can say without hesitation that it's one of the finest games I've ever played. Obviously, if you're not a gamer, it won't hold much appeal, but if you are, go get it! Seriously, it's good stuff.

And really, what could kick more ass in a computer game then running around, dual-wielding lightsabers, hurling lightning bolts around and sending your enemies flying with a (not at all gay) flick of your wrist? The entire game gives you the freedom to choose to play on the dark side, the light side, or anywhere in between, including different endings and different possible paths depending on your choices. Oh yeah, plus the big thing: it's fun. Lots of fun.

(Fun to the point where I'm debating replaying the game as an evil character to see how it turns out. Hmmm. I very, very rarely replay games. Like, basically never. But this is that good.)
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