ntang (ntang) wrote,

Spot spotting

Went to dinner last night with spot and another Redhat employee (whose name escapes me at the moment... d'oh). We went to Revolution, which is a bar with a few seats in back where they serve food. I had gone drinking there before, but didn't even realize they did sit-down dinners. The food was pretty decent, and with 2 RH employees and a "customer" it was all on the company. I knew I liked Redhat for some reason. ;)

It was cool to finally meet him, put a face to a name, and I had a good time. Unfortunately, I was totally exhausted even before I went out and so I couldn't stay out late. I said my farewells after dinner and they went to crash the SuSE party and try to get some free drinks. ;)

(I know! I know! I passed up free drinks! Like I said, I was tired.)

Tomorrow is (yikes!) Chinese New Year. I had no idea it was coming so early, but I was talking to my cousin on the phone last night and she says "Gong hei fat choi!" (spelling is close enough, it varies based on every freaking romanization so deal) and my response was, "Uh, Happy New Year, but aren't you a bit early?" And then she tells me "No, it's this Thursday! Early this year!" Oops. I had no idea. So yeah. Getting to Globix (Centre St. just south of Canal) is going to be hell tomorrow. :)

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