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The pain! THE PAIN! (On being a Giants fan.)

The two teams playing in the superbowl this year? Coached by ex-Giants coaches. The Pats have Bill Belichick, former Giants defensive coordinator under Bill Parcells, who took the Giants to two superbowls. The Panthers are coached by John Fox - former Giants defensive coordinator. How did both teams get to the Superbowl? With some solid defense.

Which is the most improved team of the year? Arguably, the Dallas Cowboys - coached by Bill Parcells, best coach ever, and former Giants head coach. (Incidentally, who knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs? The Carolina Panthers - who, as I mentioned, are coached by a former Giants coach.) For those of you that don't believe he's the best coach ever, let's look at some of his accomplishments. The year before he joined the Jets, they went 1-15. His first year there? 9-7. His second year? 12-4. This year, his first coaching Dallas, they went 10-6. Last year? 5-11. Incidentally, how did he get the Cowboys to be so good? Defense.

So. Three former Giants coaches (who all, incidentally, made their names with the Giants). Three defensive geniuses. And three people who aren't coaching my Giants! Christ. If we could only keep some of these coaches, the Giants would be amazing. They've got the talent, they just need someone with a clue in charge.
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